Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Antonio

I got off for Friday and Saturday! Yay! Jon and I decided to head to San Antonio for the night. Friday night we drive towards San Antonio. We hit an odd bit of traffic outside of Houston on the way to San Antonio, but didn't see any wrecks or anything that we could tell may have slowed traffic so much. It put us about a half an hour to an hour behind on our schedule, but we got there about 9, so it was fine.

We checked into the Hilton Garden Inn by the airport. It was a nice hotel, but we found out later that night that the bed just sucked! It was really hard, but only one side had been slept in a lot, so it was lower than the other part of the bed. But because the bed was still so hard, you couldn't be in the middle without feeling like there was a hard board sticking up or something. We didn't sleep very well.

Before we headed off to sleep though, we went out to Cowboys Dancehall, my favorite country dance hall thus far. It happened to be a night where they had professional bull riding competition, so we watched that for a bit. It was fun, except when they fell right off of the bull, and it takes a while for them to reset for the next rider. Jon enjoyed it though, so I loved it. We also did a little dancing. Not as much as I had planned, but by the time the bull riding was over, we were both pretty tired.

The next day we headed off to downtown San Antonio to see the Alamo. We walked from about Market Square over to the Alamo. Had ourselves a little Haagen Dass Ice Cream Shakes or what not to cool down, and toured the Alamo grounds. The line to get into the actual building we think of as the Alamo was really long - probably due to Memorial Day weekend.

It was starting to get grey out, so we went off to find a place to eat and shelter while it rained. However, it didn't start raining until we were half way through our meal. We probably should have just gone straight back to the car, but it was really kind of fun that we didn't. I do like the rain. We ate at one of the restaurants on the Riverwalk. It started pouring rain midway through the meal, and we were glad we were inside. When we were done though, we had to wander back out into the rain - no umbrellas or raincoats. We ran from awning to awning until we got back to the visitor's shop in front of the Alamo. I remembered seeing rain parkas there.

We got a couple, but the rain had started dying down and we noticed the Alamo was practically empty at that point. So we went inside and looked at a few of the things we missed before because of the lines. We had been planning on going to six flags, but with the storm, they would have shut the place down.

Afterwards, Jon and I headed home and spent the remaining portions of the evening with my mother, grandmother and aunt. Aunt Kelsie flew down with Mamaw to bring her here. It was a good evening, they were all glad to see us and visit.

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