Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Excitment Starting Early

I am soooo excited for Halloween. I love the holiday. The Halloween magazines are starting to come out. Stores are starting to hold Halloween merchandise...

Jon and I have even made our first scope out of the new Halloween stuff and have made a few additions to my previous acquisitions.

This will be the first year for a real Halloween party for Jon. New Zealand is not so hot on the holiday or just don't actually have it to be more precise. I think they are missing out. So once again, we will be having a Halloween party.

Invitations have started to be made already. Plans are in formation. Time off requests made (though I don't know if my boss actually realizes that I am very serious about having Halloween off!) Games, food, costumes... I love holidays!


kiwibabee said...

I love Halloween, I think it is one of my favourite holidays. That is one of the downfalls of New zealand, that and no thanksgiving.

Holli and Corey Walton said...

I am so there!