Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Party

The Halloween Party went very well. Fun was had and we had a good turnout. The decor and food turned out wonderful, which was great since it was really time consuming. But it was worth it! I do love the holiday.
There were some great costumes and we had some fun games. Name the Scary / Halloween Movies. What kind of candy bar is that? We closed off the night with the showing of the classic move Arsenic and Old Lace. If you haven't seen it... you should! Carey Grant, Halloween, Old Women killing Old Men to put them out of their misery (good deeds and all). A must see!

Whooo could that be? - Beth
My Piraty Self, Tavs, and Jeff
Can you see me? - Peggy and Jeff
Need someone you can count on? - Richard
Smores: Chocolaty, Marshmellowy Goodness - Neva
The Cheerleaders always get the Football players - Dwayne and Kimberly

Flamingo Fun - Cloe
Monsters! - Steven and his little Monster
Who is the masked man? - Alex and Stephen

Missing!! Have you seen me? - Robert

Aliens, Flamingos and Masked Men


Holli and Corey Walton said...

I love the costumes! Everyone is so decked out. I came down with Strep throat on Thursday. I was down all weekend. I was so upset I missed your party. I had been looking forward to it since last month. :(

Mr. and Mrs. Pike said...

what awesome costumes everyone was sporting! i'm very impressed!

rtfgvb790 said...

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