Friday, May 20, 2011

March - Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Dad and Cindy celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to share the time with all their friends and family with a Vow Renewal. It was held at one of the plantations and was just a beautiful occasion. Jon, Tristan and I drove in for the celebration and had a wonderful time. The ceremony was beautiful.

Jon and I also celebrated our 3 month anniversary. Cindy had the DJ play our song - Moondance - and had the DJ acknowledge the date for us as well. That evening Cindy, Dad and Grandma Vivian teamed up and watched Tristan while Jon and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We had a lovely time on the trip.

Jon, Tristan and Myself

Dad and Cindy

Cindy - Didn't she look lovely?

Dad and Cindy

Grandma Vivian and Tristan

Danielle and Eric

Danny and Elisha

Mandi and Lee

Aunt Barbara, Aunt Gayle and Jennifer

Dad and Cindy dancing

Tristan dressed for the event

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