Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cluedo: The Secret Combination Edition

About a month ago, we hit secret combinations in our Book of Mormon Sunday School class. I was sparked with an idea that it would be more fun for the youth if they got to play a game. It then came to me, what better game than the game of Clue (for you Americans) or Cluedo (for you non-Americans). The game where you try to find out who committed the crime?

With Jon's help, we made a board with all the rooms being lands of the Book of Mormon - Bountiful, Manti, the Wilderness, the River Sidon, etc. We selected weapons that would have been used in those times, and Jon made small metal props of them to use for the game. We pulled Book of Mormon characters that were involved with secret combinations. The goal of the game was to find out who murdered the Chief Judge and where. His body was found on the judgement seat.

We did ofcourse talk about what secret combinations were and what really happened - that Kishkumen killed the Chief Judge on the Judgement seat and that he was a Gadiantan Robber. The youth really enjoyed the game. What do you think? Can I market this to Milton Bradley and get a game made up officially? We would ofcourse do up the board a little fancier. Put in drawn photos in each room or something....
Oh, and for you curious, the secret passage ways were secret robber tunnels that lead from the mountains or the wilderness to one of the cities.

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kiwibabee said...

sweet, I wish I could have seen it.I would say get a hold of Deseret Book. and who knows????
You could be famous!!!!!