Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blah Blah Blah... Yackity Schmackity... Yadda Yadda Yadda...

Yes, basically this is going to just be a bit of a ramble. I am home today sick... yes, again! I have decided that working as a temp and filling in for people who are sick is possibly not a good idea. Both times, I have caught a little bug of something. Today I am trying to preempt it, as I am not terrible, it just hurts to talk. (I have been coughing a nasty cough that started yesterday.) What really sucks about this is that I could be at work today. I had a week or two of no work, so this has been good. All of my income goes towards our savings and only occasionally to a bill. However, I am supposed to fill in for a whole other week while a grandma takes off to visit her new grandchild, so I want to make sure I am well for that!

Ok, enough on sickness. When did it become October? I looked at the calendar and here it is! September has flown by. I am grateful for that, because this month leads to a bunch of excitement. However, there is so much to be done! We have our interview with the American Consulate coming up, my best friend Becca is coming for a visit - so we will be traveling and showing her around, before she comes we will move out of our place and in with Jon's family again, plus work! Before we move, we will need to sort through all our stuff to see what is coming with us to the states and what of that we might be able to send back with Becca beforehand. We need to sort out the things we borrowed and return those. And we need to sell off some of the things we needed to buy. It is slightly overwhelming, but it can and will all get done!

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