Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Duck Pollo

Our lovely ducks still frequently drop by for a visit. In fact, the other day, Pollo was on her own and was quite persistent for attention and bread once she saw us. Ok, to be honest (and admit to my being dorky) when I heard Pollo's quack, I looked out the window and waved at her! The funny thing is that she walked up towards the window watching us, and then tried to fly into the house! Poor thing nailed the very closed window, which had no ill effects for her slamming into it. She then went to our glass door and beaked slightly on it, like she was knocking! I have never seen her do that before - though granted, she has never flown into the window before - at least not at our house.

So the kind Samaritan that I am, grabbed a piece of bread to take out to her. Now, we are not actually allowed to feed the ducks in the driveway. Our landlord said we could only feed them by the stream. So I went outside and with Pollo looking up at me, told her that we had to go down to the stream, and then I lead the way. The best part is that she followed me! It was like a momma and baby duck. It was cute. I walked to the gate and stopped, she followed and stopped just looking at me. I opened the gate and went down, and she came down. Then she got her treats. Once I was done, I came back in and I am sure that she was grateful.

I do like this house...

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kiwibabee said...

Cute. It's nice to have duck friends.