Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Being Naughty at Work

It is a wet and rainy day outside. I am currently sitting supposedly 'working' but really mostly not. I am either inputting data that the 'boss' finally came up with to keep me busy or waiting on my so called 'boss' to answer a question or find me something new to do. I am really quite bored and I have always always hated busy work.

You see, I am temping at a company who was supposed to have a project that they needed assistance on for a few weeks at least. The suddenly after a day of working, they may have to put a hold on the project. However, they still have me for the remainder of the week... Which means busy work. The guy who is supposed to be directing me, keeps giving me new stuff that takes only about an hour to do. I try to drag it out, I check emails in between, I wish I could read...

So now I am being naughty and blogging whilst at work. Though I really don't have much to say at the moment. It is just a nice sense of release to post and be blogging when I really shouldn't be at all! Ah, the freedom.

I think I'll go have lunch now. :)

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