Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Academy Awards Sonja Style

Happy Birthday to Sonja.  Her birthday party was themed the Academy Awards.  They had movie games and everyone was supposed to dress up as an actor or actress or a character from some movie.  It was very clever and a lot of fun.  There were four categories for costumes and Jon wound up winning 3 of them!  We didn't do so well on the movie quizes though!

Alix and Stephen

Angie as Angelina Jolie

Jon as Superman/Clark Kent

Me and Jon - Drew Berrymore in Ever After and Jon as Superman

Sonja as Kate Hudson

Greg as Indiana Jones

Sonja and Stephen

Jon and his 3 Academy Awards - Most Recognizable, Best Male Costume, and Most Creative

Jon finds extra awards....

Playing around

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Holli and Corey Walton said...

I love that you two wore different costumes to each party!