Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jon's Dad comes to America

Jon's dad flew over to Utah for his mission reunion and spent some time in Utah going through different temples there.  It sounded like he enjoyed his mission reunion and his temple trips.  He ventured further out as he came down to Houston for about 5 days and Jon and I were able to show him around. 

We took a trip down to NASA.... "Houston, we have a problem."  They had a fun Lego exhibit and ofcourse we got to take the tram tour of NASA where they show you old mission control restored to the Apollo 13 days, the training center, and mission park. 

Next we went to the Downtown Aquarium.  The aquarium was ok, the coolest parts were petting the sting rays and the white tiger.  The tiger was right up to the glass, you could look him in the eye.  It was rather cool.

The Houston Zoo came next. 

We also went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Dinner with the family followed up our Sunday.

Jon's Dad Harry, Jon and myself

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