Thursday, January 15, 2009


At the aforementioned Ward Christmas Party, the bishop pulled Jon and I aside to see if we could come to church early the following Sunday. Well, we all know that means.... callings! They were really quick, we had only been in the ward for a week or two! I tried to talk the bishop into telling us then, because who likes the anticipation of sitting around waiting and wondering what calling you are going to get? Luckily he didn't tell us that the Sunday before where we had a whole week of waiting to find out, but still even a day can be dramatic.

So early to church we went. Jon was called to be on the activities committee, which I thought wasn't so bad. For me, well.... My only stipulation I thought was that I wasn't called to Nursery. I should have been more specific. I am not the Sunbeam Primary teacher to 3 children who were not prepared to leave Nursery the year before. I am coming to grips with not being able to go to Sunday School and Relief Society slowly. I was really looking forward to that.

I am also hating that I will not get much out of church and that it will be harder to get to know people now, but everyone tells me this is one of the best callings and it is 'SO EASY.' So I suppose we will see.

There are two girls in my class who are really cute and have an amazing ability to sit still for children their age. Then I have one boy who does not have that skill and I have to hold in my lap to keep him from escaping. Yikes. Who's idea was this?

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Tavs said...

Ew, small children! Actually, I should say ew... other people's small children. Ones that aren't related to me really get me down. That lap kid would be espectially annoying. Good luck. Glad you are still meeting people outside of church.