Thursday, January 15, 2009

Young Married Couples!

What a difference this ward is compared to our branch in New Zealand. Our ward here is not overly large, but is large compared to the branch. But there exist young married couples here! People our age that we can get to know and hang out with (hopefully).

I was so excited when Jon and I were invited over to another couples home last Sunday after church for games with other couples. It was a lot of fun and we got to know some of the other couples around our age much better. Not that we are best buddies or anything, but my fear of being in primary and not getting to know anyone is fading somewhat. Granted I will have to get to know people before or after church or outside of it all together, but that's ok.

I have to say though, it is so nice that my friends from before I left are still willing to hang out and get together, especially the ones that are single. I would hate not being able to see them because there were three of us instead of just me and my friend. I have seen that happen a lot when a couple gets married, they drop off the face of the earth or their single friends hate hanging out with them or don't want to interfere or something. So thank you my friends. I love you!

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Tavs said...

That's because Jon is so cool!

PS: I got an offer on my house! We're still negotiating back and forth, but if all works out and I accept it, I could be there by February. Then we could hang out, too!