Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas in the states

This year Jon and I have been able to experience Christmas 3 times over. Few people have that joy. It is not just the gifts (which are fun) but being able to be with family and friends and to extend that joy and love over a period of time. I have been meaning to blog lately, but I kept wanting to wait until I could post some photos too. Today I decided it was just time to blog with or without them.

Our first Christmas in the states was in Houston with Mom, Ryan, Ryan's friend who was homeless for the holiday, and Barry. We got up looked through stockings that Santa left us (apparently we were all good this year as everyone had something). A little later that morning, we opened gifts from each other. Jon and I felt very spoiled with the gifts we were given. We had a nice Christmas dinner and read in the Bible about Christ's birth. It was lovely.

Our following Christmas in New Orleans was not so nicely set up and sort of spontaneous. Basically at some point we were given our gifts and so we gave them ours for them. Again we were spoiled. I think my family is happy that we are back in the states.

Aside from family Christmas cheer, we had a Ward Christmas Party. There were three different kinds of turkey, all kinds of sides and plenty of desserts. Mostly it was just a Christmas dinner, but it was nice to get to know some people in the ward. They also were taking family Christmas photos, so Jon and I now have our first official Christmas family photo. (Which I wanted to attach, but is not currently scanned into the computer yet).

All in all we had a merry Christmas and hope that you did as well.

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