Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas in November

Our Christmas season has begun a little early here in New Plymouth. Due to Jon and I leaving shortly, we decided along with the family to have a small Christmas before we left. Now we just bought our plane tickets and will be headed to the USA on the 6th of December. (We land on the 6th as well in Houston, but it will be midnight.) So last night, the family gathered for a pre-Christmas celebration.

Christmas number one was great. Two small Christmas trees went up, Christmas table clothes went out, etc. We had a nice dinner, opened presents, and then had a lovely dessert. Opening presents was sort of funny because we had one small gift for everyone and then the rest were for us. I am a bit used to that since I usually have two Christmas's and one is always late or before (one at Mom's and one at Dad's), but I think that was a new experience for Jon.

We got some cute Kiwi/New Zealand stuff including a flag, some mugs, a tie for Jon, earrings for me. Funnily enough we also got three kiwi themed baby shirts... no we are not expecting any one new in the family yet. I think they were hinting at something there, but they are really cute.

Last we popped Christmas crackers. They are a lot of fun and I think will forever be included in my Christmas celebrations from now on.

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Tavs said...

What are Christmas crackers?

Lol, love the baby hints. They have to send you off prepared!