Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Prodigal Daughter Returns!

Hi all! It has been a month since I have last sent off an email. With traveling around, some family-in-law things going on, and a lack of speedy internet or at sometimes the lack of internet all together, I hardly had a moment to post.

The excitement is that soon I will be on my way back to the USA with my husband in tow. We have had our interview with the US Consulate and have been approved for our visa and greencard. We have one more thing to mail into them before it is actually given to us, but that will shortly be taken care of.

We will be heading in to the states in the first or second week of December, which makes me happy to be back for Christmas. (And only sort of said that I missed the last weeks of Ren Fest.) So those of you in Houston or that may be in Houston at anytime after that, lets get together!

More info to come as we get tickets and all, but it is finally here!

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