Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An After Halloween Halloween Gathering

Jon’s Mum wanted some Halloween fun this year as she had an American in the house who usually celebrates Halloween. Unfortunately, Jon and I were away on the actual day of Halloween, so we just celebrated the holiday this past Tuesday.

For any of you who have been to one of my parties, this was a massive scale down of that. Basically, Halloween is a concept that New Zealanders just don’t really have. It has only become recently that anyone has started doing things for it to begin with – Poor deprived kids! So we had a few decorations that we put up in the kitchen, hallway and living room.

We made pumpkin soup, monster faced hamburgers, deviled egg eyes, and some fun creepy cupcakes. This was a mark for the Gaastra family. We not only had a small celebration over dinner, but we also carved their very first pumpkin. Now pumpkins here are not the huge orange pumpkins we get in the states. Our pumpkin was sort of whitish and greenish. I thought about putting a thermometer in its mouth and making it look sick. Haha. It turned out to be a cute little pumpkin I named Igor. (Here is Igor 2 days after the party.)

Now, I also roasted pumpkin seeds, but did not realize that the pumpkin seeds from these types of pumpkins have to be shelled first. Ours don’t need that, right? Or am I just forgetting? I am sure it was just as easy as scooping them out, cleaning them off, popping them on a tray with seasoning, and then eating away…. Am I delusional?


kiwibabee said...

I miss Halloween. it used to be my favorite holiday. They just don't get it here. As for the pumpkin seeds, we just threw them in the oven once they were cleaned.
Now I am craving pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Oh how I miss canned pumpkin.

The Big 'D' said...

Vendication! Sweet... I knew I was right. The stupid pumkin we carved here had shells on the seeds! Who knew...