Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cape Palliser

We took Becca to Cape Palliser, which is sort of outside of Wellington. On the drive there we noticed a Tsumani warning sign! I didn't notice that last time I was there...

Then we saw the seals at the seal colony. It is so cool you can literally go right up to them - though that is not suggested as they will attack if you get too close, but you could!

(On a side note - seals may be cute, but they sure stink!)

Next we climbed up to the Lighthouse... We all made it up.


Tavs said...

It looks so beautiful there! I have to know, did Becca get mistaken for Lucy Lawless? If her hair was longer she totally would have.

The Big 'D' said...

LOL. No no one mistook her for Lucy Lawless. I think it was the new hair cut.