Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ant Wars: The Attack

As established in the last Ant Wars blog, ants are no fun. They swarm, they annoy, they generally are not welcome. Well lately, the ants not only have all of these qualities, but they have gone nuts as well. By nuts I mean crazy, insane, not well balanced, psycho.

Ok, it is normal to find ants trailing after something sweet that you just forgot to close the lid on all the way. Or it is normal for you to find ants trailing and swarming over a spot that perhaps a little unnamed kid touched after eating sweets and not getting their hands wiped off. It is normal to find ants going diligently after a spot where people may have spilled drink on your wall or squished cake into your floor....

However, it is NOT normal for these pesky little critters to swarm in random places.... the floor by our shoes? the counter that has been cleaned and wiped off? the door to the bedroom? the bathroom??? Seriously, these ants need therapy! I would love to help them... find someone else's home to torment or something, but they just don't seem to listen to me.

Now, it has been raining outside quite a bit, so perhaps their little homes are being flooded out... That might make sense, except that they don't seem to be trying to nest anywhere! No eggs, no food... I just don't get it.

Ants are not my friends. For any of you fools out there like me who buy the ant killing bait... You know the kind that is supposed to lure the ants to the bait and then they take home this poison food, and it is supposed to kill the ants in THEIR home (a huge benefit as you don't have to clean up the ants that have fallen in the war).... Well, they don't work! Or at least this one doesn't.

The ants that I mentioned on the counter... I thought 'What a chance, lets move one of those baits in here where they are swarming, and it should be helpful.' Did those little ants go towards that bait at all? NO! They completely ignore it. Its like they know, so you might think they were smart, but then again balance that with the swarms where nothing is.... Who knows!

So far the battle count is:
Loss of life:
Ants - Too Many to Count
People - 0

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