Monday, August 4, 2008

Ant Wars: The Dream

Dreams- They can be so many things. Our subconscious talking to us. Our mind sorting out the days or weeks activities. Perhaps they try to tell us something. Sometimes they are just plain silly. I am sure over my lifetime, I have had each of these.

Last night, I was adrift in the world of blissful sleep. My mind popping up pictures and stories for me to follow along with. A new world. I was off in a dream - that I was living in this rather nice house. A wide living room with sofas surrounding a nice sized coffee table. Above hung an electric candle like chandelier - not too fancy, a fairly casual one. I was in the kitchen cooking, I believe, when someone knocked on the door.

A group of girls and a couple of boys needed to use the bathroom or something. I am not really sure if in dream world I actually knew them or if I was just happy to let them enter my house. Regardless of why, I let them in. They also had a couple of dogs too. I placed out some nibbly food snacks for them while they waited, but as soon as I set them down on the table, I noticed them.... Ants! They were crawling and swarming all over the carpeted floor - the carpet which magically matched the ugly brown patchy carpet we have here! I looked down and they were on my hands and in the food.

I tried to tell the people to wait somewhere else, but they had already come in and the ants were starting to crawl on them and their dogs. Some ants were even falling down off of the chandelier! Nightmare Ant City! I don't know where they came from. I couldn't get to the bug spray. We just tried to get out. (Now these weren't exactly bite them and eat them type ants, even in the dream. No, they were the reality type ants just trying to find food, but still, groups of falling ants on you... what would you do?)

And then I woke up.

Seriously its sick that I dreamt about the stupid things. They should just stick to ruining my evening when they pop up, not my nice comfy dreams. Think if I start leaving a peace offering outside the house, they will start leaving me alone? You know, a pacifying offer. Probably not, they aren't the brightest. Maybe I can schedule an appointment with the Queen?.... No, they would never let me see her, as I have killed unnumbered amounts of her minions, they wouldn't risk it.

Ah,well then, I will just have to deal. Anyone else have ant dreams?

Disclaimer: If after reading this, you happen to have ant dreams, I take no responsibility. I cannot control where the little bug creatures go. If I could, they wouldn't be in my house - physical or dream - anymore. May the force be with you.


Tavs said...

Um... maybe you should hire an exterminator? Ant dreams are just creepy!

The Big 'D' said...

Ant dreams are creepy! Luckily last night was ant dream free. I am seriously paranoid now that they are popping up in random places. I learned some new tricks to try, so we will se how that helps.