Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ant Wars: The Real Battle Has Begun

I now have to recall my statement about ant baits. I made a statement in one of my last ant wars blog about how the ant baits don't work. You know the ones that you set out, put poisoned bait in, the ants come and eat and take it back to the nest, and they all die. Somehow, despite these baits being in the line of sight, smell, and trail for the super ants that attack our house, they constantly missed them. Until now...

For the past four or five days now, we have had a happy little trail of ants across our bathroom counter. Can anyone else say GROSS? DISGUSTING? I seriously cant even use the bathroom sink right now. However, the ants are supposed to bring death upon themselves by taking this bait back to the ant hill that is their haven and home and then kill them.

I honestly feel like I have opened my house up for them and given them a little spot that they can come and cruise to, have a good time, and if the bait hasn't killed them, maybe next time they will bring their girlfriends for a nice little snog. Ok, I know this isn't quite how it works, but it is disconcerting.

That being said, the stupid stuff is working, which is why I have to patiently wait out having an ant trail through my bathroom. Despite the ant death and carnage around them, the ants keep coming for the bait. While no one has suffered casualties on the people side of the war, there are some side affects... disgust, nausea, odd curiosity...

I have found out that ants do not like cinnamon, the powder annoys them and they will in general stay away from it. I have thus partially contained the ants by such a manner. The best side effect of putting cinnamon down is that it also gives the room a nice scent to it. The down side is I may always associate cinnamon and ants now, but that remains to be seen.

So for the count:
People lost: 0
Ants lost: hundreds, thousands, the specific count unknown

The battle field is ripe with death and carnage. (However, will be cleaned up very shortly - partially because it is gross and also we are having people over.)

Is the war over? We have yet to find out. If this works, there will be a party thrown in celebration of the loss of ants. For any out there that would like to mourn, we will have a moment of silence before we begin.

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Tavs said...

The ants already started the party! Seriously, how on earth did you get so many ants? I am really glad you can write about it and entertain us all, though!