Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Job... Temporarily

Last I blogged, I had just gotten my work visa and have been looking for a job. The small hotels located here in good New Plymouth have basically laughed at me for wanting a Monday through Friday job between the hours of 7am and 5pm. They keep reminding me that 'in the hospitality business' things run 24 hours a day.... Did I miss something or have I not worked in the hospitality business for the past 8ish years? I am fairly certain that all industries have their Monday through Friday jobs, even the small hotels - they just tend to have less of them.

My favourite call inquiring on my resume'/CV first stated to me that she saw the note on my CV asking for Monday through Friday jobs. She then told me that the major hotels here had about 6 office jobs for about 5 or 6 hotels and that any other job would require weekends, could I do that? When I said I was looking for an office job, she then reminded me how hard it is in the industry to do that. She made it sound like I had never worked in hotels before and the funny thing was that she had my resume' RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! Whether she had read it or not, I don't know. But seriously, I've had a Monday through Friday job for about half of my little hotel career.

Most companies in New Zealand actually read the whole resume' plus require talking to at least 2 references. (I find it amusing they must have references when the two hotels I have worked for have a blanket policy that they will not give any references. They will only give a certificate stating how long you worked for them.)

Ok, anyway, I have since applied to and been signed up through a Temping Agency. They have been really good and quick to respond to everything thus far. I enjoyed a day of stock taking at one of the hiking and apparel stores... the next day my legs were so very sore and I finally realised that it was due to all of the squats I managed to do while counting and recounting stock!

Otherwise, I have been working at Greymouth Petroleum. I have been filling in for an employee and basically have been answering phones. I have so far read 3 books, finished multiple Sudoku puzzles, played a few FreeCell games, replied to emails, written two letters, and so forth. The first two days that I was working here, they didn't want to take the time to train me on anything else because they thought that their girl would be back in the office by Monday. Now it is another week, and I can do one whole spreadsheet and make purchase orders. Big step up, I guess.

Now, I need some advice here, I obviously have to go through the emails as well, in case there are any purchase order numbers needed or something. I came across an email from a temp agency to the girl who is supposed to be working here that pretty much says she is looking for another job. I have no idea if the boss knows. The email came after Ms. Too Sick For Work left for the day. Should I show the boss the email so he knows? Or just leave it be? I'm leaning towards leave it be, but I can imagine how hard it is on companies if an employee quits too.

Let me know what you think....

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