Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washing Machines

Who could have thought that buying a washing machine would bring such joy, such happiness, such glee? An appliance. It isn't anything that one would think could make you jump for joy. In fact, it isn't even a new washing machine. We bought it used. It is an older model, and really kind of makes a lot of noise. This does not break the love that I have for it though. Maybe it isn't shiny and new, but it still washes clothes for me, and even better spins them out at the end! Hand washing clothes is so passe. After plugging our machine in, we had the maiden load of laundry launch through the cleaning cycle, and it worked like a charm! Laughter, glee, and hugging resulted. Happiness all around.

This means no more carting laundry once a week to my in laws. No more putting off cleaning something because I have to go else where to wash it. There is only one thing that could make me and my washing machine even happier.... And that would be a matching (or not matching - we aren't that particular actually) dryer. So on rainy days, such as today, when you can't hang laundry outside to dry, the dryer can step up and fill in.

One day, our dream of both a washer and a dryer will be fulfilled. *cues dramatic heartfelt music*

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