Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2001 Ford Expedition

We have a car! Finally, transportation that is not borrowed! Houston is so not the city to be carless in. Everything is at least a half an hour away. I was very spoiled living in New Zealand where I could walk to town from my house or where a nice (and safe... yes, safe) bus ride would take me to town where I could then walk everywhere. Houston has its charms, but it is certainly a spread out city.

Last Friday, Jon and I visited Joe Myer's Ford and found a spectacular deal on a 2001 Ford Expedition. We were certainly not looking for something so big, but we needed a car and once we saw it, we really liked it. The previous owner took really good care of the car. Our mechanic passed the car off and said that it was great, minus a few things that needed to be fixed. So we went back to the dealership and before we signed the deal, they committed to fixing all the problems on the car.

We have not taken pictures yet, but will do so shortly and post them. It is a very pretty blue on the outside and tan on the inside. (Amazing that the interior doesn't even have any stains or anything!)

Ok, rejoice!

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