Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Waitangi Day Party

Last friday, Jon and I decided it was time to celebrate New Zealand. Waitangi Day in New Zealand marks the day that the Europeans and the Maori's signed a treaty, and is now basically New Zealand day. So we put up some New Zealand pictures and brought out books. We pulled out what we had to decorate, and flew the New Zealand flag... ok, well we flew it inside from the banister in the living room where we could all see it.

We made mini mince pies, two large bacon and egg pies, apple crumble, and tried our hand at making a pavlova. The pav fell quite a bit, I think we will need to work out making this one!

Our new friends from church came, and so did some of my older friends. We played pass the parcel, which is a common New Zealand kids game, but rather novel here as I haven't really seen it played here ever. And we played New Zealand slang balderdash, which was a lot of fun. The made up definitions were excellent and some guesses were remarkably close!

All in all, it was a good party. I think we may make this a tradition.


kiwibabee said...

you probably had more of a party then we did here. I think they just want the day off.

The Big 'D' said...

haha, probably. But we will take any excuse for a party! You know... us americans... we take whatever holidays we can!

Tavs said...

Did you bust out the chocolate fountain? I'm so jealous- looks like fun!

The Big 'D' said...

No, there was no chocolate fountain this time. We mostly did New Zealand cuisine. When are you getting here???