Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pancake Eating Contest Anyone?

Last Saturday, Jon and I went to a friend's house for a pancake eating contest. Yes, thank you Sonja! It was a lot of fun. When we got there, Sonja and her cousin were still making pancakes... and you should have seen the stack of pancakes there was already!

Once the pancakes were all made, we started by 'sampling' the smaller sampler pancakes. These included breakfast pancakes (with egg and bacon in them), pina colada pancakes (with pineapple and coconut), pineapple pancakes, peach pancakes, apple strudel pancakes, banana pancakes, chocolate chip banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and Reece's pancakes (consisting of peanut butter and chocolate).

I have to say that I think my favourite was the Reece's pancakes with ice cream and caramel syrup on them. Oh yes, that was good. Who would think to put ice cream on pancakes? Certainly not me until that day, but apparently in Australia, that is a common dessert, so our hostess informed us.

Sadly, mostly of us filled up on the fun sampler pancakes, and only a few officially competed in the competition. First prize was 12 pancakes by Greg, 2nd was 5 pancakes by someone I didn't know, and third prize was shared between Sonja and Steven for 4 pancakes.

It was good fun, and I really enjoyed the idea. It certainly made me think outside the box on making pancakes! I look forward to more pancake fun.

Sorry no pictures, unless I can get some off Sonja... forgot my camera. Doh!


kiwibabee said...

mmmmm pancakes. we always feed the missionaries pancakes.

kelleen said...

Who knew there were so many ways to make a pancake? Sounds like a lot of fun!