Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everythings bigger in Texas... except for the hills!

A hill, a hill, my kingdom for a hill! Having spent the last eight years of my life nestled in valleys of one sort or another, it seems strange to me to track the sun through a full 180 degrees of horizon. I cannot climb the slopes to take in a view. Well, unless I want to stall on top of the beltway overpass. It bothers me. Why? I knew Houston was flat. I knew it was big. I knew it was hot. So I should have been ready to adjust. I'm an adaptable guy. So why does a little thing like no hills bug me?

I guess I just miss seeing something a bit prettier than the back of the neighbours house. The city spread below me with the sea sparkling beyond...

I also miss the supermarkets where I know what everything is. I miss easily identifiable currency denominations. I miss walking to town. I miss my own house. I miss New Zealand trees. I miss...
I know, my family too. but that would apply anywhere. I'm talking Houston. It's a nice place. What I've seen of it. Granted, that's mostly houses and strip malls, but they are nice houses. I'm sure we'll get to the more illustrious sights of Houston, and may even make it to the sea. We have plans. And I like it here. There's so much to do, once you get there. Stuff is cheaper. There are more people at church on a Sunday. I don't have to wear a jacket all winter long. Or ever.
Summer, well, we'll just have to wait and see on that one... I don't know I could settle in this city. We aren't planning to, so that's no problem. I can enjoy the ride until we end up somewhere with a view. There is so much to do before we decide where to live next. Follow the football. Watch all the channels on TV. Learn to drive our tank on the other side of the road. Figure out the conversion rate for 10 centimetres. Learn all the coins. Get used to streaky bacon. Totally adjust my life.
What is the pointof this blog, you ask? Point? Point... I'm sure I had a point. Maybe I didn't. But America sure is different. Not always in obvious ways. Not neccesarily in bad ways. But I like it here. I do miss hills though.

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kiwibabee said...

have you seen the red ants? I never been to Houston, the closest I got was Austin. At least you have Temple there.