Tuesday, May 12, 2009


April 28th, Jon and I were woken up at 3 am by the rain. It was storming outside... lightning, thundering, heavy rain. We wound up dozing every now and then until 5 am, but for the most part we wound up just cuddling and listening to the storm. Jon went ahead into work while I watched the news seeing if anywhere was flooded, especially with the little bmw I am driving right now! Turns out that a storm system had practically stalled over Houston over night and dumped up to 11 inches of rain over a few hours. Jon called me from the car and said I wouldn't be able to get out from Philippine because of the water. He had been fine though in the Expedition.

A little while later, when Mom had gotten up, I jumped into her car and went to check out the two exits from our part of the neighborhood and found that we were flooded in. I didn't push the car too deeply into it, but I knew my car would never make it. The news was saying that if you could stay home until the middle of the day, to do so. It would hopefully give the system time to drain properly. The bayou in our neighborhood breached the banks, which caused most of the flooding down the streets...

Jon was sent home and called me from the middle of the neighborhood. He had driven through some of the water and was afraid to go further in it. He had pulled into someone's drive way and talked to them to see if he could leave the car there. He also helped her move her cars up further in the driveway and then he walked home. I went out part way to meet him at the bayou. It had certainly been over its banks earlier and was starting to go down at that moment. By the time Jon got to me, he was soaked up to the top of his thighs.

When walked to get the car later, we realized that if you had walked in the middle of some of the streets that the water would have been up to your waist easily. We just skirted through peoples yards where we had to walk to get in less water. Jon and I rested in the middle of the day and by 9 or 10 apparently the water had gone down enough that Senate and Lakeview/Philippine were no longer flooded. At about 3 pm, Jon and I decided that since the water had receded and neither of us were at work, that we would take a ride to the Woodlands to Fat Ogre Comics and maybe get the next two booster decks for Killer Bunnies.

Well... That was not so hot of an idea we found out. The ride was simple enough until we hit 45 north just before the Woodlands. I-45 had flooded over and was not draining. There was only one lane open to go through the flooded section. It wound up taking us a lot longer to get through to the games store and then to get home. We actually went a back way home to avoid the water on 45 south. We were glad that the store was open after all of that though, and wound up buying 5 of the booster packs and two sets of the blank cards so we could make our own. We now only need two more decks to complete the game. We may also get the Kinder Bunnies to add to it as well.

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