Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Orleans Reception

Finally! The parties for the Wedding are over. Not that it wasn't fun having 3 parties/receptions OR fun getting 3 sets of gifts OR fun spreading the whole thing out for a year after the actual wedding. But seriously, there has to be an end sometime.

We certainly did go out with a smash though. Family and a few friends gathered for our One Year Anniversary/Reception in New Orleans. My best friend (outside my husband) came out and played the part of our celebrant. Jon and I exchanged vows again - well not so much vow vows, but words of promise and love. Dad and I finally had our Daddy-Daughter dance for our wedding to I Loved Her First by Heartland (Love that song). I got to dress up in my pretty pretty wedding dress again. Toasts were had.

The family was happy to finally be able to play a part in our wedding and marriage and we were happy to do so. The planning was a bit stressful, as this party was certainly NOT as smoothly and easily planned, but it turned out wonderful. I certainly was closer to a Bridezilla at times (sorry for any of you who were in contact with me at that point) but in the end Dad was happy, so I was happy. To me, mostly, that was what this night was about.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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