Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yay! I should not be so excited, but I am totally relieved to be released from my calling as Primary Teacher. I stressed every week about this little Sunbeam class. It is so hard to find good stuff to keep them entertained. My little class especially. They didn't like singing, dancing, pretending to be Noah's ark animals. I finally just started to get them to pray in class. I have not yet ever had a calling that was so difficult for me. Everyone thought I was great with them, and to be honest once I was in class, it was ok and I could fake the cheeriness much better. But before hand, I dreaded it.

I promise one of the little girls has never liked me and gives me the evil eye even to this day. She hated coming to class, always threw fits, though once she was in class she was usually ok at least if the the other little girl was there.

The other girl was adorable and chatty and sometimes shy, but once you talked about princesses and ponies, she pepped right up. There were two boys in the class as well. One who is new and just adorable. He is totally shy and doesn't talk much, but does all the activities for the most part. The other boy has some developmental problems and was probably the biggest challenge because of that.

Anyway, I am glad to be able to now go to Sunday School and Relief Society. I love that!

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