Tuesday, May 12, 2009

High School Reunion

Can I just tell you how much I can not believe that High School was 11 years ago? I really do not feel like I am that much older. Time flies when you are having fun or growing up and working. It was so weird going to a reunion. I mean if you go to a small school, you have the opportunity to get to know pretty much every student and I would think your high school reunion, you would know most everyone. My school... well lets just say our senior class alone was around 500-700 students. The freshman class that year was over 1000.

It was fun though to go and see people I hadn't really talked to in probably those 10 years. Lets be honest, some of them I didn't even recall very well. I mean we didn't hang out all the time. The best part though was catching up with those that I was good friends with. There weren't that many of us though. It was fun to hear what people have been up to, where they are working now, whether they have families, whether they traveled, etc. I felt pretty good about myself to since I have traveled, I have a good job, and I married a wonderful man from another country.

I wonder how many of us are where we thought we would be in ten years from high school. I bet most aren't. Some married their high school sweethearts. Some got pregnant at the end of high school and we never knew about it until after. Some moved away. Some came back. And many just didn't show for this reunion. Out of 500-700, there were probably 50-100 maybe at the reunion.

Jon and I still enjoyed ourselves though. No pictures. Sorry! Dixon and Debbie, send me some if you have the chance! It was great to see you both! Jarvis, you too, if you took any.

Side note: The reunion was supposed to be at the 10 year mark last year, but due to our wonderful hurricane season, Hurricane Ike proved to be a set back. It worked for me though, because I would not have been able to make it last year when it was originally scheduled. I was still overseas in New Zealand.

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