Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Jon and I finally have work! In fact, the lack of blogs lately are partially a result of having said work.

Jon is working for an internal construction company and is enjoying it for the most part. He works early and gets home fairly early, which is a nice schedule (I think). Though we both hate early morning starts. We are certainly more night people. He is a little irritated with how quickly they expect him to be perfect, but that may just be the one who is training him. Anyway, he can post more later about his work if he wants.

I have started working at a new hotel. Well not new as in brand new property, but new for me. It is for a company I have worked for before and so far I am enjoying it. The hours are certainly not grand. I am mostly working PM shifts which means Jon and I cross paths and see each other much less often now, but we have figured out ways to work around that. This should be my last required PM shift type job if I stay in the hotel industry. In a year or so I should be able to become Front Office Manager or something along those lines.

In the mean time, I have finally finished training. I think I have the respect of most of the managers by now and still have some ways to go with some of the associates under me. Part of that challenge though is because their last manager didn't know as much and they had to carry him more than he supported them. Some of my agents are worried that I will be the same. I think in time, that will be overcome. I am working with a few friends from the industry before. They seem to think I will be able to work miracles. I guess I better cross my fingers on that one. We have a long way to go before we where we should be. I do enjoy the challenge though.

The one current downside to this job (aside from the late nights) is that my co-manager's wife is about to have a baby. That is certainly not the downside, but as a result, he will be taking off 4-6 weeks and that is going to leave me and the Front Office Manager with a lot to cover. We also had some lay offs in well all departments, but we are now short staffed. I will probably be working 6 day weeks at least. I will find out soon enough....

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