Monday, July 14, 2008

Ant Wars: The Invasion

I don't know about you, but really up until this point, when I thought of ants, I thought of one of two things:

1. Mean looking nasty red fire ants and everyone hates because they bite.
2. The cutesy cartoon ants that are always trying to steal someones picnic at the park or perhaps that cute little movie that came out called Antz.

Well the little 'cute' ant idea is out of the bag. These stupid little BUGS are infesting my house. I seriously see at least one a day, and if by chance the honey doesn't get closed all the way, or the sugar, or .... or.... or.... It's Ant Party World 2008.

Finally we got to a point where we didn't see any ants or have any ants for a while.... But guess what? We made a comment about it, and apparently the ants were listening, because the next morning, Ant Fest all over again!

I used to not have much passion about killing ants or much care about them, but now, I am an ant killing machine. Is that normal?? I just love killing the little guys for invading my home, no more playing nice. Oh no sir. Raid is my friend.

Ants of the world, beware!

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