Monday, July 14, 2008

Tall, Dark, and Handsome!

Hi, I'm the official 'Hot Kiwi Husband'. (As opposed to any cheap imitations out there.) I come complete with sexy Kiwi accent, but since this is a written format, you'll have to imagine it in your head. Just don't make me sound like an aussie! Grr! My favorite colour is blue, I'm a Leo, I'm a good cook, I don't mind a good chick flick, I like to waltz, I have a nice singing voice, I like long walks on the beach.... ( sorry ladies, I'm already taken!) I might borrow your baby if you have one. I'll give him or her back, probably when they need feeding or cleaning! ( It's not my kid yet, although I change nappies with the best of them...)

So, since my cute wife has entered the world of the blog, I thought I would get a slice of the pie too. I have not the luxury of time to start my own blog, so I will occasionally hijack this page to add my two cents of randomness. (I do stress the 'randomness'.) It will fit in with the rest of the blog, I guess. I do have to state I back Des up on anything she might say! My comments may not be as varied, but I hope some enjoyment is gained. If not, feel free to just skip my blogs and read the good stuff from Desirea.

Ok, I'm not really as narcissistic as my opening paragraph makes me sound, (although everything I said was true) but my lovely wife seems to view me in such glowing terms. I don't know why, I really don't. I'm the lucky one. I found the perfect woman for me. I could not improve on her if I strained my brain 'til the cows came home! ( I would make her get sick less often though. She would like to not be sick.)

Like Des said, our courtship was one smooth flow from meeting to married. I liked the look of her the first time I met her, with her lovely smile and nice eyes. We talked, and when a roadtrip was suggested, I took my chance! It worked well for me, as we soon started dating. And well, the rest is history! I am still suprised that I did so well, as I've never had a girlfriend before Desirea. One love only!

Anyway, I'm all smelly from work, (I work in construction) so I will leave this page to the capable (and much better smelling) hands of my lovely wife and go clean up. Enjoy Des' stuff!

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