Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Day the Ducks Came to Visit

We have ducks! Our landlord said that a duck roams the little stream that runs through our backyard, but so far, we have only seen him from time to time. I have heard its quacking from time to time, but the other day- when reality was starting to suck - the little guy was out there. I feed him some bread and enjoyed my little moment.

Well today, he returned and apparently told his buddies about our place, because we had four ducks waddling around! We are sure it was a double date. They seemed to stick to pairs. Very cute!

Aside from the 4 ducks, we also saw the eel that we were told lives most likely under some of the cinder blocks in the stream too! I attached a photo, but you may have to be creative with the photo of the eel... It only popped its head out for a moment, and the photo turned out fuzzy. That's what you get for hurried photography! (As a side note, we thought perhaps due to its fuzziness we might be able to pass it off as an alien encounter or Loch Ness or something, but decided in the end to allow the photo to be true to its nature.)

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