Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Kiwi, a Kiwi, or a Kiwifruit

Ok, living down under (well in New Zealand for those who may want to think I am referring to Aussie world or perhaps some other definition of 'down under') I would like to clear up our little American misconception on the word 'kiwi'.

Many of us love to think that a kiwi is a lovely little green fruit, that we enjoy from time to time. BUT go to New Zealand and people look at you like you are CRAZY! if you refer to this sweet little fruit as just plain 'kiwi.

'Why you might ask? Well there are 3 different meanings to 'kiwi':

1. Kiwifruit - yes, the fruit is part of the actual name, and is sadly dropped when outside of its native land. (Don't you think this makes leaving even worse on these poor fruit? I bet they miss their mothers.)

2. Kiwi - This is a native bird, a little brown guy, with a big body, who is nocturnal (aka. A night time boogie addict - he likes his night parties and sleeps over the day in order to party hard all night long.) He resembles the fruit as both are small, brown and furry on the outside (well I don't know about the birds inside, but we won't go there.)

3. Kiwi - a native New Zealander - one who lives in New Zealand. Not usually confused with the fruit, because, unless you are a cannibal, you don't eat people.

So for the future...

When one asks "Can I have some of that great looking kiwi?" (um, bad example, that could refer to the hot native New Zealander kiwi.)

How about then... "I had kiwi for dessert last night."

Ok, now lets not get kinky and lets take that as it is or I could be here all night. A native NZer (New Zealander) would think you were eating a bird for dessert and would be shocked at you eating their national bird who is going into extinction. In fact, they may call the national park rangers or someone like that to take you away for bird inhumanity. Secondly, I hear it doesn't taste that good either- not that anyone knows, with them being endangered or anything.

If you are at the zoo, you may then hear the phrase "aw, what an interesting looking kiwi" (again, probably the bird, not usually one of the inhabitants of the country.)

And well we already covered the New Zealand guys (and as I am a girl and very biased by marrying a genuine kiwi myself, the guys are hot.)

Ok, enjoy the new found knowledge that you have gained and go forward empowering others to learn and properly use the terms 'kiwi, kiwi, or kiwifruit.'

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