Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reality Bites

I was sitting here thinking/wondering what to post up today, if anything, and decided that basically at this moment, reality bites. We all have these moments, when reality has suddenly decided that perhaps you have been a little too happy or a little to blessed in life, and it is now officially your turn to have a sucky time. Sometimes part of that is learning of troubles friends are going through. Sometimes family issues come up. Sometimes work permits are difficult to get. Sometimes the snow is in rebellion against you (Gilmore Girl reference for those of you who used to watch).

In my case, mostly, I have the work permit blues. My permit, that should have taken only a month for them to respond to, is now going to take.... who knows how long. In some ways, it is potentially not a bad thing, I haven't been rejected for my permit at this point, but this could put off plans yet again or it could quicken our plans. I hate not knowing though. Not really being able to have a plan.

Luckily for times like these, we have friends we can turn to, family we can turn to. My husband has been sweet and comforting to me. I spent most of yesterday talking to my two best friends in the world, my mother, and my husband. Today, I have added the blessing of comfort food - that, while a good thought at the time, has made my tummy a little queasy. I guess I had too much.

Anyway, I have come to a grand conclusion in typing all of this out and that is...


As an after thought, anyone have any good comfort food they want to share? Mine tends to be pasta and cheese or chocolate or ice cream or cheesecake. (For the record, today I had pasta and cheese and a little bit of chocolate.)

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