Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Birthday Party!

Birthday Week ended nice and neatly on Saturday, which happened to be Jon's actual birthday. Hence, the big 'finale' was his birthday party. We started planning forever ago (or so it feels like) and came up with a Mario Party theme. Yes, my friends, we went old school, back to the days of Nintendo and game boys. Super Mario Brothers, Mario Party, Mario Kart, anything Mario.

Jon and I worked through out the week to get everything set up. It was great. We had people dress up or just wear any Mario themed top. We had a few friends pop up from Wellington, which was great, since we haven't seen them in about 4 months!

The cake was fun. If you people remember the mushrooms in the games, you will totally get the cake! ... and if not, well then, the green cake is the "1-up" mushroom. This mushroom gave you an extra life if you were lucky enough to catch up with it. The red mushroom is the mushroom that makes little Mario grow into a big Mario - not to be confused with the mega mushroom in later games. We also made star cookies and had other snacky food for the party.

Decorating was fun. Many walls of the house were turned into Mario scenes, and what topped everything was the participation by those who came to the party.

Des and Charles came dressed as a princess and Mario. It was great!

Nerina and Tiffany were princess Peach and Princess Daisy.

Melissa and Elanor did their research to find other Mario characters that were female. I forget the names of the girls they were, but they have the photo of the girls held up in the picture. It was their 'proof' that their characters were real!

Ben, Jon's brother, dressed up as Mario as well. The photo below has Ben, Jon, and Charles in it.

The rest of us came in either Mario tee shirts or just came. But we all had fun.

Mario Party and Mario Kart was played throughout the party, never with the same players for a full game.

All in all the party was a great success.

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