Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Week: Up to the Final Party

After watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, Jon and I decided to adopt the Gilmore Girl way of celebrating birthdays. Why should you only celebrate your birthday one day out of the year? It should be a whole week! The fun of getting yet one more year older, the excitement of being just that much wiser, and basically, since you can't do anything about getting older, you may as well party away.

Day 1: Bowling

Neither Jon or I had been bowling in quiet a long time. The last trip was in Wellington, where the scores were nothing to brag about, but was fun. (Mostly very entertaining because of one girl who was not really trying to play, but was getting strikes and spares like nothing else! I've never seen anything like it... It was so funny!)

So Monday night we headed out to the local bowling alley with Jon's two brothers and his father. Anton kicked all of our butts, but we all had a good time. Certainly none of us are thinking of going professional.

Just before leaving there was a small round of air hockey, which brought back good old memories for me. I remember playing air hockey at the roller skating rink all the time. Good times, good times....

Day 2: Movie night - The Italian Job

Movie night was great. We bought the Italian Job on the weekend before, because the movie times did not agree with our schedule. However, we made the most of it. We ordered pizza, had snacks, and just enjoyed an in home cinema night.

Jon had seen the Italian Job before, but it was my first time. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie though. It had a good pace to the movie, even if you could predict some of what would happen.

For a side note, pizza was ordered from Hell Pizza, which I think is probably the best pizza in New Zealand. (Perhaps it does not compare to some small one off Italian place but it is certain very good.) For any non New Zealanders, check out the website for some fun. The website has little devils with pitchforks that run across the bottom of the screen and you can pick them up with the mouse and throw them around, etc. So much fun. And seriously, great pizza. I wish we had one back at home.\

Day 3: Dinner Out - That became Dinner In

We were supposed to have dinner out this night, but the weather was a bit nasty. So we went out for food, but brought it back home for eating. Burger Wisconsin was on the menu this night. Good burgers and good wedge fries. Yum!

Day 4 & 5: Ok, well I will admit, we didn't do much special for these nights other than work on everything for the party on Saturday. We made decorations, goofed off, and had a good time despite not having specifics. Technically, Day 4 would have been Institute, but there were a lack of students, so it got cancelled.

The week was fun though... I think we will try to keep this tradition up...

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